Given the present financial conditions, keeping control of operational costs is at the top of everyone’s agenda. As a manufacturer and supplier of progressing cavity pumps, no-one knows this more than Mono. Following on from the continuing success of their Mono Universal parts initiative, further enhancements have been achieved in reducing operational costs with the successful launch of the Chroma range.

The Chroma pump has been designed to be directly interchangeable with the seepex® BN series.

 Replacing your current asset with a pump from the Chroma range means you will never be left waiting for replacement pumps and parts from unresponsive suppliers.

As an example, a customer was faced with increased maintenance costs to a number of sewage sludge pumps and a decision was required to either repair or replace the existing pumps.  Both options were expensive and alternative technology was also considered to transfer the sludge, but again this attracted high installation costs.

The Mono Chroma option was the ideal solution.  For less than the cost of the internal pump parts and substantially less than purchasing a replacement pump or other pumping technology, the Chroma pump was supplied.

Complete with motor gearbox, all mounted on a baseplate that matched the previous seepex® pump exactly, it was simply a case of dropping the Chroma pump into position, reconnecting the pipework and electrics and the pump was up and running, all with no additional installation costs.

Since the installation in May 2008, the pump has performed trouble free and is backed up by a standard 5 year warranty.

With no pipework or electrical modifications required, and full size access ports as standard to enable easy de-ragging of the pump,  without having to remove from the pipework, the Chroma is designed to meet all Water Plc and WIMES industry standards, offering peace of mind to the end user.

Please note: Mono is a registered trademark of Mono Pumps Ltd.  seepex® is a registered trademark of Seeberger GmbH + Co.