Mono has designed and manufactured its largest W Range progressing cavity pumps ever built.
A single TR Muncher from Mono has been selected for a sludge grinding application, which was previously performed by 3 grinders, supplied by another manufacturer.
A single progressing cavity pump from NOV Mono has been used to replace a number of centrifugal pumps and improve pumping performance on an agricultural effluent duty in New Zealand.
18th November, 2014
Three TR Munchers and three Compact C range pumps from NOV Mono have been chosen for a demanding sewage handling operation in the Caspian Sea.
Following last year’s acquisition of Robbins and Myers, NOV Mono has revealed that over the past nine years, sales of its range of Universal Parts for progressing cavity (PC) pumps have increased by a huge margin of 122%.
NOV Mono has delivered a turnkey project to provide an extra level of protection for a major water and waste treatment plant in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
12th September, 2014
The relocation of Mono has now started ...
A leading UK supplier of dipping plant and ancillary equipment has ordered four Epsilon high pressure progressing cavity pumps.
We are delighted to announce our complete relocation to a far bigger base just a few miles north of the existing site.
NOV Mono has provided ten progressing cavity pumps which are installed at the heart of a new £300M wastewater treatment works in Sussex.