Validating its industry leading commitment to sustainable manufacturing, NOV Mono has become the first progressing cavity pump manufacturer in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard for reducing its carbon emissions by more than 21% over the past three years at their manufacturing site in Manchester.

On show for the very first time in Germany, the NOV Mono range of revolutionary EZstrip pumps took centre stage at the recent IFAT exhibition, giving visitors to the stand the chance to see this innovative progressing cavity (PC) pump dismantled and maintained in place in just two and a half minutes.
As part of a drive to reduce maintenance downtime across the board, Welsh Water has installed an innovative EZstrip™ Cake Pump from framework supplier NOV® Mono® at its sewage treatment works in Cardigan, West Wales.
NOV® Mono® has installed a solar powered recirculating pump at Welsh Water’s Llanrhidian WwTW
A slow starting AMP 5 spending round, were just a few of the key issues discussed at the recent British Water Summer meeting which was hosted by NOV® Mono® at its HQ in Manchester in July.
Thames Water has installed a revolutionary EZstrip maintain-in-place pump to improve efficiency
Two of NOV Mono’s EZstripTM pumps have been installed at Fairbourne wastewater treatment works to improve process efficiency
NOV® Mono® will be exhibiting the full range of EZstrip™ solutions for the first time at IFAT 2010, which means visitors to the show will have the opportunity to see these innovative pumps and grinders.
Continuing to improve the way in which treatment works operate, NOV® Mono® has launched the Mono Hydra, a fully automated weir cleaning system that prevents moss growth and algae blooms on weirs, providing a far more efficient and trouble free alternative to brush cleaning.
In a bid to improve efficiency and reduce downtime across the board, South West Water has approved the EZstripTM maintain in place progressing cavity pump